Lesbianism and Art

(she/her) Just a lesbian doing art stuff, always down to nerd out about stuff. If ur into any of the following - fascism, transphobia, biphobia, aphobia, pedophilia, and other bigotry/unpleasantry - kindly fuck off! See my about for more :)


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nearly done! i have more shading and line coloring to do, plus i need to clean up the lighting and adjust the colors a bit, but im really happy with how it's progressing!

Finished this one!

(also update on the whole crash thing: i'm like, better but worse now? my thigh hurts less but it turns out that getting whacked by a car makes ur whole body kinda hurty and its Not Fun)

my og design for this gal had her wearing high heels and when i came back to it i was like, No


(i don't feel like being original so im digging up wips from like 2 years ago and wrapping them up lol - good news is I have so much stuff to post now)


here's a short thing i did for school, might clean it up and format it real good sometime, maybe (read left 2 right)

edit: oh cool did not know it was gonna look like that once it was posted but whatever lmao


redraw of this old thing (also is there no way besides this, which seems a bit clunky, to post multiple images together?)