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(she/her) Just a lesbian doing art stuff, always down to nerd out about stuff. If ur into any of the following - fascism, transphobia, biphobia, aphobia, pedophilia, and other bigotry/unpleasantry - kindly fuck off! See my about for more :)


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Once again I’m casually playing my way through Dragon Age Inquisition, so here are Josie and my Adaar!

gloria, will you just decide?
gloria, there’s easier ways to die
gloria, have you had enough?

- gloria (the lumineers)

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Ancient One

Okay, I lied, this isn't a completely new creature design, but a revamp of an old one.

Whatever, it looks badass.

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pppppbbt, mmm vines, haha noooo it's totally not a medusa-d person, what are you even talking about ppppppffft

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Starting off my account by posting some old draws I'm proud of! It's mostly gonna be OC's here. ✨

Tryna draw more dragons this year because I used to draw them all the time when I was younger and I kinda miss it. Hopefully gonna make these my daily warm-ups. Here's yesterday's

aaaand here's today's daily dragon, hot off the press

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Some more landscape studies. Getting better at perspective, rocks and lighting 💪

As promised, one digital skitters. And now ya'll know that the inside of his mouth is white.

Bonus on a dark background:

Spring Tune

around tumblr there was headcanons about Snufkin making spring grow wherever he steps and that was like, the coolest thing.

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dv-art -

Inktober Day 14: Overgrown

this looks... so good. and like it took me ages, but it didnt. hardest part was the dirt texture on the left, tbh. so im a big fan. i promise this is the last morbid one, i was In A Mood that week

[ID: An ink drawing. In the foreground are three graves. The one on the left looks fresh, while the one on the right is covered in well-groomed grass. Red roses have been left on both of them. But the one in the middle is full of unruly weeds. Vines wrap around the gravestone, obscuring its nameplate, and wild dandelions are scattered throughout.

In the background, rows and rows of graves fade into the distance. Above the pitch black sky is a blanket of storm clouds. End ID.]

I decided to upload some of my old art that's representative of my interests/favourite franchises, so here's a Jillian Holtzmann from a few weeks ago :D

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Son His name is G41-4x7, Galaxy, or just Gal he's a dj-bot at an up 'n coming hip 'n happening space club and his body is always glitching out, but he's alright with it