Lesbianism and Art

(she/her) Just a lesbian doing art stuff, always down to nerd out about stuff. If ur into any of the following - fascism, transphobia, biphobia, aphobia, pedophilia, and other bigotry/unpleasantry - kindly fuck off! See my about for more :)


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moon -

Synstylae, Syn for short.

Aasimar druid cowboy lesbian

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The Blood Moon

my friend's assassin from BNS. Sparkle/moon brush from obsidianDawn

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autiestella -

stella keep see stuff on tumblr abt how jokes from 2-3 years ago end up as "real prophesy" & that make stella sad, so have some nicer stella prophesy :)

  • horses will learn to dance, by 2022 at latest

  • you will see lots pretty flowers

  • a family member will suprise gift you a big wedge of cheese

  • you will make smth which makes soul happy, even in all imperfection

  • you will find some money inside floating birthday balloon

  • you will look out window & sigh happily cause things are good, then accidently witness an animal poop

no need to thank stella, or pay for services ... this all is 100% guarantee for sure, mhm!

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tried making a sona and came up with this oc instead

Spirit Blossom Sky

Needed to cheer myself up, so concepted this X'D


I’ve wanted to make this comic………… basically ever since I heard this song, because it was so fitting for Marek that I just HAD to, and I finally got around to finishing it a couple of weeks ago

This follows Marek’s return to their home village, which is very rocky for a number of reasons, but they 1) ultimately still love their family and 2) are extremely Mad At God for the apparent lack of intervention as other clans and settlements of their tribe have been wiped off the map completely or at the very least displaced (and ended up in Dove Reki, which is now practically on the front line). They are deeply betrayed and if nobody else is going to go out there and summon God into corporeality so they can yell at it, Marek’s gonna go fuckin do it

(Rokovek is just along for the ride. Marek sees a lot of themself in Roki when they meet and kinda takes them under their wing)

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dryowl -

she’s done nothing wrong, ever, in her life

ref’d from Mrs. James Guthrie (1865) by Frederic Leighton

Figure Studies - Samus & Zelda

i really like the sketchy pencil brushes in the itch.io racial justice bundle.

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Wealthy lady tiefling

Mainly an excuse to draw a bunch of gems and more tieflings!

Here's the last of the work I did on this boy for tonight.

Warm Laugh

gift for my friend cyan (iridiumcyanide on here) !

character belongs to her

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moon -

Im a furry now, but im a moth. Mothsona.

Space dragon

They say there are dragons in space. Hidden in the darkest places in the galaxy, beings as old as the stars. They say they are born in nebulae and die as supernovae, and that the spationaut who catches their eyes will travel in space without fear, for the dragons will protect them. No one has ever seen one, and no one will, as they are made of legends and dreams. But sometimes, when gazing at the stars, one cannot help but feel the stars gaze back.

Kinda old illustration I made of a space dragon for my story. Spationauts have many myths and legends about space, but this is the most known one.

Drew my friend's fallen Aasimar Blythe 👀 I was in charge of designing his outfit and I may have gone ham 😂