Lesbianism and Art

(she/her) Just a lesbian doing art stuff, always down to nerd out about stuff. If ur into any of the following - fascism, transphobia, biphobia, aphobia, pedophilia, and other bigotry/unpleasantry - kindly fuck off! See my about for more :)


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for @squeaky-warrior 's superhero ask game (srsly dude ur art ask games r saving me from art block)

🦸 -- 🦇✴️☠️🖤🌑 (whoops just realized that last emoji is a moon and not a black circle...f)


okay last post of these gals (unless i decide to draw more of them!)

gonna hit yall up with some new stuff next time lol

Metal Bat

she's my favorite of the Gayng

(also holy shit yall im nearly caught up with the magnus archives and i need to scream,,,,)

i finally managed to draw stuff again #blessed

anyways grumpy disheveled vampire women amirite ladies??

idk i keep on redrawing stuff from a couple of years ago (the very bottom of my insta posts, really) because im lame like that