Lesbianism and Art

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Character April!

squeaky-warrior -

Since I'm going to be home with almost limitless free time until at least May, I thought it would be a good idea to work on my art skill, while also creating more solid character concepts, so I'm making Character April for myself, but anyone who wants to can join in, too!

It's basically like Inktober but I'm dedicating each week to one character, because I want to work on different characters but also have time to develop them.

Anyone drawing along could do a different character each day or one for the whole month, you can make more prompts, too. Whatever you feel like doing.


WEDNESDAYS: standard character reference
THURSDAYS: with a pet
FRIDAYS: utterly bored
SATURDAYS: favorite activity
SUNDAYS: Fashion Friday™
MONDAYS: saw their crush/squish/a pet
TUESDAYS: waving goodbye

(Edited day order, because April starts on a Wednesday. Sorry y'all, these weeks are going to end up a little wonky.)

(If you are still going in the last week you can continue into May to finish off you want.)

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