Lesbianism and Art

(she/her) Just a lesbian doing art stuff, always down to nerd out about stuff. If ur into any of the following - fascism, transphobia, biphobia, aphobia, pedophilia, and other bigotry/unpleasantry - kindly fuck off! See my about for more :)


Pinned Post - General Info

stuff just gets buried in my blog so here's just a list of things I'm keeping at the top


Art ask games (I'm still taking asks from these!) (i still have three more weeks of lockdown and im going to perish)

- fantasy character ask game

- superhero ask game

- general art prompt ask game

- OC art ask game

- color palette ask game

That's it for now, but I'll update this post every once in a while.

Wandering Spationauts - Spacewalk

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Wandering Spationauts - Spaceship

Inktober Day 16: Reaper

hYUK im sorry ive been so busy even though it's fall break

i did spent 17 hours straight marathoning Star Wars though so I guess that was something

Inktober Day 13: Smoke

oh man im just like...all over the place

i'm learning Quenya rn and i keep forgetting to draw

she's gonna break her legs or something

the feedback



Inktober Day 1 - Cupid and Psyche x Mirror

so im a disaster lesbian and i decided to do a mashup of like five different october prompt lists from Instagram, but i liked so many prompts that i combined some for the same days

also i havent drawn and have been dead on social media for like 2 months my bad fam how are y'all